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Artists: Dianne Bos and Sarah Fuller
Curator: Josephine Mills

University of Lethbridge, Main Gallery
November 5, 2015 – January 14, 2016

Bos and Fuller have a long-standing conversation around their mutual interest in exploring photography.

This artistic exchange is done entirely over the internet and is comprised of images, scans, digital photography, and drawings.

In the old days of artistic exchange there might be letters with drawings sent from exotic parts of the world but new technologies have had a profound effect on how artists can quickly communicate with each other and share work and ideas.

Our one rule is that each image must find its inspiration in the previous photograph sent – this can be formally, conceptual or via subconscious impulse. The majority of the images are created in direct response to the game, and technologies ranging from pinhole photography to scanning are employed.

In 2013, they produced a publication and had a small exhibition at Truck Gallery, arising from this dialogue. See Attached at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery featured new work and highlights from the photographs and e-mails which they have exchanged since 2010 and new images produced at the U of L’s Coutts Centre in Nanton.

Read more on U of L’s website.

(ABOVE IMAGES: Sarah Fuller)