While Dianne Bos’ pinhole photographs share a critical element with respect to
location-subject, they disrupt the conventional assumption that such images are a
verification of place (the external world), an event or experience. Bos’ photographs
are, of course, located within vistas of landscape and the built environment, but are
more than vernacular/tourist shots, the memento or picture-trophy. The prolonged
exposure time—three, five or ten minutes—is a transformative element that is
inseparable from the process, whereas advancing camera technology had developed
an infatuation with shutter speed and ”lens envy.” Bos’ photographic moment can
be equated to the time it takes to hear a song, recount an event, read a letter, or
remember how you got there, and back.  Patience is more than a virtue, it is
essential. This, as the title of the exhibition tells us, draws us into the province of

Excerpt from the essay :
Dianne Bos: In The Province of Memory
Art Gallery of Hamilton
14 January – 7 March 1993
Ihor Holubizky, Curator of Contemporary Art
Revised by Dr. Ihor Holubizky, October 2020.