Public Art & Commissions
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Banners, City of Calgary, 2011.
The many ways ‘place’ can be defined and imagined is a significant theme in Dianne Bos' art work.  For this series of banner images, Bos used black and white film and a medium format camera to create overlapping sequential images of the Alberta landscape. These were later converted to vibrant colours using digital techniques. They were installed on seven Calgary bridges throughout 2011.


Palimpsest, 2010.
Located at VU Condominiums, 112 George St, Toronto.
Commissioned by Aspen Ridge Homes as part of the
City of Toronto Private Developer Percent for Art Program
Recent images of the local cityscape appear beneath text from a 19th century palimpsest letter. Such letters aimed to save scarce paper, yet also suggest overlapping stories and voices--like those of this neighbourhood.
Described by Leah Sandals in The Toronto Star (January 2011) as “a love letter for local heritage,”.
Backlit by LEDs this project can be viewed at night and day.


Mrs Simcoes Dream, 1996.
Simcoe Place Project
Collaboration with Ian Paterson
3 layers of silver gelatin prints laminated on aluminum frame work, and sentra board with UV coating.
Located in the front lobby of Simcoe Place, Front Street, Toronto.