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"Taking inspiration from her interest in science and astronomy, Bos uses her pinhole camera as if it were some primitive kind of Hubble telescope through which to look out to the farthest reaches of space. The Galaxy series began with a single candle photographed through a pattern of pinhole which replicated the size and location of real stars; the notion being the brighter the star, the bigger the hole. This then led to experiments in which a series of different light sources were photographed through multiple pinhole - first the candle , then the moon, a light bulb, a flickering television screen. It was an approach which has helped to galvanize many of her ideas in large part because it represented a complete reversal of the conventions of photography, one in which light itself had become both the object and the subject of the finished image."
– Kim Ness, from the exhibition "2000 Lux, McMaster Museum of Art, 2000, Hamilton, Ontario.