About Dianne Bos

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Dianne Bos: Artist Statement

My work challenges the view of photography as a way to "capture an instant in time." By using pinhole cameras and long exposure times I record, not an instant, but rather the passage of time at a site. Viewers have said that my work evokes the memory-image that remains for them long after they have viewed a familiar location. I think this recognizes the importance I have always assigned to time, memory, and capturing the essence of the place, in my images of architectural icons and classic travelers destinations.

Much of my work centers around contemplative spaces and offers a meditation on time's movement within a still image. Time and light, movement and stillness, memory and the observer: these elements link all of the diverse images I create.

In response to my work curator Ihor Holubizky once wrote: 'The prolonged exposure time - three, five or ten minutes - is a transformative process that is inseparable from the alchemical process and phenomenon. The photographic moment can, by extension, be equated to the time it takes to hear a song, recount an event, read a letter, or remember how you got there, and back.'

Dianne Bos: Brief Biography

Dianne Bos was born in Hamilton, Ontario, received her B.F.A. from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Bos is represented by Newzones Gallery of Contemporary Art, Calgary; Kostuik Gallery, Vancouver; and Beaux Arts des Ameriques, Montreal.

Her photographs have been exhibited internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1981. Important national exhibitions of Dianne’s work include: ‘Light Echo’, an innovative installation at the McMaster Museum of Art, in collaboration with Astronomer Doug Welch, which linked celestial and earthly history; It's You!: Unexpected Photographs from Papua New Guinea, at the Confederation Centre of the Arts, Art Gallery, PEI.,; and Reading Room at the Cambridge Galleries, an exhibition exploring the book as a camera. Her work is currently part of the exhibition Poetics of Light, Contemporary Pinhole Photography, at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History, New Mexico. Recent exhibitions at the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery included ‘See Attached’ a photographic dialogue with photographer Sarah Fuller and 'The Sleeping Green: No Man's Land 100 years later’.  The Sleeping Green opened at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris April 2017 and will travel to various galleries in Canada in 2018.

Bos’ public art commissions include a large light box installation at Toronto’s VU condominiums entitled ‘Palimpsest’ and the banner design for the city of Calgary’s bridges.

Many of Bos’s recent exhibitions feature handmade cameras, walk-in light installations, and sound pieces.  In 2015 Bos also created a site-specific installation for Dawson City, Yukon, a work that has continued to be shown as part of the 'Midnight Sun Camera Obscura' traveling exhibition. In 2016 one of Bos' Galaxy Projection devices was part of the exhibition 'Seeing' at the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin and is now traveling in the USA.

These tools and devices formulate and extend her investigations of journeying, time, and the science of light.

Dianne Bos has been the recepient of many awards and grants including the Canada Council for the Arts and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grants. Bos has also been nominated twice for the Scotia Bank Photography Award.